About Hongju Network Technology Company Limited


公司简介 About Hongju

Chongqing Hong Ju Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on modern information technology, relying on computer networks, e-commerce in the Internet information services company.Through our efforts and the accumulation of all team members, the industry is clearly showing better educated, younger trend!


"Only thing in the world, sincerely, to win the world matter to false, the only matter to humble the world, can win the world matter to clever," "Honesty" is a valuable enterprise for sustainable development of valuable resources and wealth. Hongju Bing Cheng attitude of sincere cooperation and achieve win-win situation, emphasis on building high-quality and timely allocation of resources management chain to form a systematic and effective operation of recycling more and more Internet recognition. We believe that honor the past is history, tireless pursuit to let us go further go better!


The company has a professional design team and innovative art design, open work environment we stimulate the creative inspiration, break through the traditional concept of the closed, top-down management model, in strategic management, corporate culture fuss.Never satisfied, and we regret that we hung a giant persistent was the motto in Yee Fung Garden, 38 years, every one of us who hung a giant company kinship good working atmosphere and environment, and constantly inspire inspire every employee to play an active enterprise platform enthusiasm for their own businesses, we believe in people-oriented work together to create wealth and common wealth, but to do service to repay society.


The company's chief operating three portals: Chongqing circles, thousands of charming women network, floral women network, Chongqing, Hong strive to build the first giant network of B2C e-commerce platform for women to lead the female consumer market in Chongqing, Chongqing circle will be around the same time eat, drink fuss, to give life a new fashion content in Chongqing, will enable businesses and users of precision docking, a local online life platform.